In 2016, I was the design lead on a year-long project to redesign Ally Bank's account opening process for all customers. The current experience featured an older branding experience and a vertical accordion blind structure that was proving insufficient to contain the necessary content for each section. The new design needed to be mobile-friendly, modular to allow for A/B testing and user-friendly.

The old design

We created a new design that better matched Ally's latest style guide and design patterns. Instead of using accordions, we switched to a progress bar that could stay fixed to the top of the screen, allowing for more real estate for content. 

The new landing page


For customer's opening a CD, we added a dynamic rates table that would indicate your qualifying tier based on the opening deposit amount you enter.
As the user moves through the process, we created a "shopping cart"-like widget on the right side of the screen to allow them to view their choices.
The new design is responsive to accommodate the growing number of users that wish to open accounts on mobile phones.

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