Ally Bank was upgrading to a more robust third party Bill Pay system and needed to assure that the design and user experience of this new platform would closely match its standards and user expectations. I was the lead on this 6-month project which included proposing ways to streamline the user experience, ensure the visual design would match our brand standards, work closely onsite with the vendor's developers, oversee enhancements to our mobile apps and design an email communication plan when the new system was ready to roll out.


Using the vendor’s “un-skinned” live demo as our prototype, my team identified the areas that may require extra attention to conform with our design standards as well as some areas where the interface and experience could be improved upon using stylesheet modifications that would not fundamentally affect the underlying code.


Additionally, we needed to update all of Ally's mobile phone and tablet apps to implement new Bill Pay features that would add expedited payment options and affect the use of eBills. We needed to rethink how eBills were displayed within the apps to accommodate how payees with multiple eBills were displayed. 

While implementing these new features, I worked with a content strategist to take the opportunity to standardize the design and language used across all our mobile apps while balancing the need to work within each platforms native configurations. 

Original state with eBills separated from the payee list.


We sketched a way to integrate ebills into the larger payee list but to actionable due dates clear to the user. Additionally, we needed to solve for a way to show multiple eBills required action.

01-iphone-ebills    04c-iphone-submit-same-day-unpaid-ebill  04b-android-make-payment-ebill  04c-make-payment-unpaid-ebill