One of the projects I led at Ally Bank was to redesign the customer experience of linking an external bank account to their Ally account for the use of transfers and account funding. The existing flow was complicated and customer were confused by the "trial deposit" option for verifying an account. This is a common banking practice where two small deposits of less than $1 are deposited into the external bank account. The customer must find those deposit amounts in their external account and then return to their Ally account to enter them into the correct fields. This process is hard to clearly explain to a user and many banks experience customer confusion at this stage in the process.

Existing solution for trial deposits
Existing solution for trial deposits

After a lot of sketching, we landed on a split screen approach that would show the customer their two options for verification: Instant, using their other bank's login credentials, and trial deposits. We automatically put the focus of the page on instant verification which we assume more customer's would choose. However, for those that do not have credentials or are wary of using them for any reason, the trial deposit option is just a radio button click away.



The verification was just part of this flow which also included an account information form on the front end and a table of accounts once the external account is verified. 




Then we had to re-create the whole process for all of Ally's mobile and tablet apps. The verification step would be a split screen for the initial choice and then become a step by step process.