In 2015, my team at Ally Bank was tasked with quickly developing an Android Wear ATM Locator app. The initial prototype would be produced over a 24-hour "Hackathon" by our development partners and we had 3 days beforehand to sketch out and design the user experience. 



Looking closely at Google's Material guidelines and the limited information available about designing for Android Wear apps at the time, we produced detailed sketches of the flow and even taped together a paper watch made out of printouts of our in-progress comps so that we could test the usability of the interface in context.

Using Bohemian Coding's Sketch software, I quickly created high-fidelity comps to give the developers as guidance during the Hackathon. By the following day, they had a working prototype that followed my comps pretty closely. Over the next couple of weeks we identified areas that needed to change based on technical restraints uncovered during development and proceeded to iterate on the working prototype.


This iterative process resulted in an even simpler interface that became just one screen with a scrollable map background and swipeable location cards sitting above it. The app launched in January 2016.

02-Android Wear-location04-Android Wear-allpoint 05-Android Wear-allpoint-details android-wear-photo