In 2015, I was recruited by another design team at Ally to generate ideas for illustrations to support the content in a new "Banking With Ally" section that would help explain to prospective customers how banking with an online bank actually works. We started off knowing only that we wanted to include a set of mobile devices and a laptop in order to display our online banking interface.



One idea that our team felt strongly about was an illustrated scene that would imply a "day in the life" where people go on about their day in a beautiful, hilly, sunny landscape always able to access their Ally accounts.


With the help of a junior designer, we created a number of spot illustrations to accompany the larger "hero" image on the page. 

bwa-v2-crop bwa-v2-spots

However, after initial excitement from stakeholders, it was eventually determined by the Brand team that the illustrations were too much of a stylistic departure for Ally so we went back to the drawing board to execute the concept in a different way. Using simpler, flatter graphics and a color palette that adhered more closely to brand standards, I created a new hero image and accompanying spot illustrations.

Once again, after initial enthusiasm, the use of people and the restraints of the color palette gave this too much of a cold, distant feel for the brand.


In the end, we ended up pretty close to where we started, with a hero image that focused almost exclusively on a picture of a device with the interface displayed on the screen. However, we did land on an approved style for the spot illustrations which can be seen in the new "Banking with Us" section on ally.com.