North Inlet Group

Working with Kelso Communications, we redesigned the website for North Inlet Group to give it a more contemporary look and feel and a new architecture that better conveyed the company’s services. Having taken their name from a coastal estuary on the Atlantic seaboard of South Carolina, we decided to give the website an aesthetic derived from … Read More

Approved Transmit

In 2012, I designed a website for a new email platform that was being launched by Mass Transmit called Approved Transmit. This product was aimed at corporations looking to empower the email marketing being done by smaller branches and franchisees while assuring that they stay within corporate brand guidelines. I designed and developed a Wordpress site … Read More

Maxworth Consulting Group

MaxWorth Consulting Group works with healthcare organizations across the country to evaluate ways to attract and retain valued physicians and executives. They approached me in 2011 to design their first ever print advertisement – a full-page placement in a prominent trade publication. The ad was a great success, resulting in a number of immediate leads. We then … Read More

Banking with Ally

In 2015, I was recruited by another design team at Ally to generate ideas for illustrations to support the content in a new “Banking With Ally” section that would help explain to prospective customers how banking with an online bank actually works. We started off knowing only that we wanted to include a set of … Read More

World Trade Financial Group

The World Trade Financial Group needed a website for its new proprietary trading group, WTS Proprietary. The website needed to explain its service, technology and training programs with a focus on attracting prospects to start their career in the world of trading with WTS.  To make a website that would appeal to young professionals interested … Read More

USA Today

In 2013, in conjunction with Gannett Company Inc., I redesigned USA Today’s entire line of email newsletters to be more visually on-brand with their new website design. The new design needed to be modern and stylish but easy to update within their email deployment platform. A key factor to these email was that they needed … Read More

The Johnny Mercer Foundation

In 2012, The Johnny Mercer Foundation hired me to redesign the Foundation’s website with the goal of giving it a more contemporary look that would appeal a new, younger audience as well as to older fans of Johnny Mercer’s music.     The new website needed to be restructured to allow people searching for educational and research … Read More